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Julia's debut book 'Braintenance' is a helping hand for anyone who wants to make a change.

We often have no trouble imagining what we want. The problems all seem to come when we start trying to make these things happen. Whether that's down to uncertainty about what to do, resistance from straying away from the familiar, or lacking confidence in your abilities, making the changes you know you want can be a real challenge.

'Braintenance' takes these goals and transforms them into an action plan that easily slots into your life. Based on how the brain works, the book is packed with practical ways to refine your goals (are they really yours?), break down overwhelming aims, build skills, and get consistent. Each chapter contains scientific explainers and illustrations alongside tips and tricks to give us a better understanding of why our brain makes us do the things we do so we can approach our quest for change with knowledge, wonder and compassion.

Published by Pan MacMillan, 2023

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